Private Lessons

Regional Competition WinnersAll dancers wanting to perform a solo, duet or trio at the dance competition this year must be signed up for private lessons by September 1st and must begin private lessons by September 15th. The following are things that you can expect from your private lessons and what is expected of you.

  1. You must meet with your teacher to pick out music and discuss what you would like from your solo competition. This initial meeting will be free of charge. The dance teacher will purchase the music and it is up to the teacher to cut the music. If you can not decide in your first 30 minute meeting, each additional private lesson will be charged at the $10 solo price. Please come to the first meeting with some ideas and direction that you want to run by your teacher.
  2. You may wait until October to pick out your costume since that is when most all of the catalogs have come in. You are welcome to ask Ms. Terri to look through costume catalogs and pick out your costume. You must discuss your selection with your teacher and then tell Ms. Terri your selection.
  3. Each private lesson, whether solo, duet or trio, is welcome to schedule 2 times to practice without your teacher in the 2nd studio per month. You must sign up for a time on the schedule and it is up to you to be there and work hard on your private lesson. Dancers who are responsible enough to go to competition and have private lessons should be responsible enough to practice on their own and want to be the best they can be, so I expect you will work just as hard alone as you would with your dance teacher. Your music and notes will be available and it is your responsibility to put away your music, notes and any props after your practice.
  4. All private lessons dancers will perform at a Competition Showcase at Bolivar High School Auditorium in February or March before we go to competition.
  5. All dancers going to competition will be required to be at the competition center 1.5 hours before their scheduled performance time, dressed, warmed up and ready to dance. You are also required to bring a copy of your music to practice backstage on your own. Ms. Terri will bring all competition music to be turned into the sound table and backups.

All private lessons will be charged to your account and billed at the end of the month. You are welcome to pay for each lesson as you go or one time at the end of the month. All accounts must be paid in full before they will be able to perform at the Dance Competition or Recital. If you must cancel your private lesson, please call your teacher within 24 hours so that we are able to make other plans if necessary. Any private lesson that is a “No Show” and does not notify your teacher that you can not make it will be charged for that private lesson. Thank you for your understanding.


Private ½ hour:  $12.00 per lesson
Semi Private ½ hour:  $7.00 per student/ per lesson

Available for Private Lessons:

Terri Kirksey  417-327-4790

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