Shop for Dancewear


CSDA now has an online store to order your shoes, tights and leotards online, along with other accessories.

Go to  and search “Center Stage Dance Academy” with Fair Play address…. That’s us! Shop by class or just shop for whatever you want! Pay online and it will be shipped to the studio (this is cheaper than shipping to individual homes.) It usually takes one week for your purchase to arrive at the studio.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you pay close attention to the sizing instructions, especially for shoes! You are not required to buy all the things selected for each class (ex: leotards). I have added lots of choices for each class. The main thing you will need to purchase are the shoes and tights. In some cases, I have added multiple styles of the same kind of shoes, so please refer to your “Dance Supplies List” to make sure you aren’t purchasing the wrong color or style of shoes you may need. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Terri at 417-327-4790 anytime. Happy Shopping!!!

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